Stop Brexit - Stop Brexit - DJs For A People's Vote

Last week I joined the anti-Brexit demonstration in central London, eventually tracking down the almost mythical mobile sound system, DJs For A People's Vote. A huge line-up of international DJs — including some of my personal favourites — joined forces to galvanise the people of London against Brexit and call for another vote. It was a truly special experience. I met old friends, and made new ones; I danced, we all did. Everyone I spoke to agreed the sense of togetherness that afternoon was truly spectacular. It was particularly evocative during the last stretch, right behind the National Portrait Gallery, when the march stumbled into a masterfully hidden, secret sound system, bursting into a huge street party.

It was, as you can imagine, a rather beautiful, non-violent expression of alternative public opinion. All walks of life uniting through a common goal; to secure another vote for the people of the UK. 

The words of one of the main organisers, Gideon, really struck a chord; “It would be a disaster if Brexit went ahead in any form. But one minuscule silver lining would be how many people came together in resistance to it. Repositioning protest as something that can form part of mainstream youth culture would certainly be an achievement. Most people understand the gravity of this moment in time, this needs to be a turning point and it could be a turning point. It really could.” 

#DJsForAPeople'sVote #bollockstobrexit #Ibloodylovetechno #MusicFeelsBetterWithEU 

The road to Hampi

I am currently working on finishing a book consisting of the shots I took during my partly pilgrimage/partly yoga and meditation retreat in India in December 2014-January 2015. There will be further notes. snippets of audio recording, photographs of objects collected along the way and comments of the people I've traveled with and met along the way.  Do let me know if you would like to preorder the book emailing



Breathing Space in Schools

I have been practising mindfulness and meditation for some time now and cannot recommend it enough. After a few years of regular practise I became aware of its powerful affect on my mental states and personality as a whole. I came to see that it really is possible to change one's mind! 

When I heard for the first time about the Breathing Space in Schools project I was really excited. Teaching kids to meditate alongside reading and other basic skills they'll need in their lives! Of course! What could help society more than training children and adults to become more mindful, positive and resilient in daily life. Srivati, founder of the project, brings many years experience of practising mindfulness and meditation to her work with young people and has now taught mindfulness and meditation in hundreds of schools. 

The truly inspiring Breathing Space in Schools is affiliated with Breathing Space London, a secular project run by London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green, East London. I was so proud to support this fantastic project by taking photographs for their website

End Ecocide!

Its been an exiting day. This morning I took part in a press conference for End Ecocide England. For those who don't already know, End Ecocide is a European citizens initiative fighting for environmental destruction to become a crime. The small team of activists, lead by Polly Higgins and  Prisca Merz, are working as hard as possible to reach the target of one million signatures in favour of making Ecocide a crime. Despite the massive effort and vast response so far, more people are needed. We were rewarded with the presence of Ms Vivienne Westwood at the conference today as she passionately spoke about the cause and her concerns for our environment. It was truly inspiring and we can only hope that this will help End Ecocide gain more support!


At Green Lens Studios we are just as concerned about our environment and hope that as many of you as possible will follow the link below to help End Ecocide to succeed in putting a stop to environmental destruction. With just 7 days left before all signatures must been in, it is really important now, more than ever to show our support. 

Time is NOW!

Breaking Bread In An Instant

Dear reader,

Kevin Le Gendre, journalist, broadcaster and cyclist

Breaking Bread

In Instant

I would like to invite you to participate in an ongoing portraiture and research project taking place at my studio in North London.  Your participation will involve you visiting Green Lens Studios in the morning hours to share breakfast with me and discuss different subjects (among others we might both be inclined to discuss): 

- dietary preferences
- positive routines and practices
- the place of music in your life

I will then take a polaroid portrait of my breakfast companion(s). Images and notes taken during the session will become part of a forthcoming book with the working title "Breaking Bread In An Instant".

Breaking Bread is a celebration of a simple but essential ritual. We eat breakfast to sustain us for the rest of the day, but this can also be a time to share our thoughts and reflect on the aspects of our life that can easily be overlooked in the middle of the race.

I invite you to talk about aspects of your life as we 'break bread' and capture the moment in an instant photographic print that takes advantage of natural light. 

Since 2013 I have been joined by over 45 breakfast companions, including Vivienne Westwood - fashion designer and eco-warrior; Polly Higgins - international lawyer and founder of End Ecocide on Earth; Laurence Cassøe Halsted - Olympic fencer and a dreamer; Nick Luscombe - radio dj and Musicity co-founder; George Fitzherbert - Tibetan Gesar epic expert; Bethany Wells - performance and interaction designer and sauna aficionado; Kevin Le Gendre - journalist and broadcaster and many others.